LDR says he is a virgin?

First of all, my long distance partner is 27 years old and I am 18, I am not too concerned about the age gap, but my problem is that he says he is a virgin, and I have a hard time believing it. He is orginally from India but has been living in the U. S. for about a year now, I talked to him before he came to the U. S. to study. We often have phone sex but sometimes he says descriptive things such as "when we have sex I Will be able to feel my balls touch your p****" etc and it makes me think that he isn't a virgin, because how would he know? He is flying to meet me and I really want to make love with him... but... if he isn't a virgin it is a deal breaker because that would mean he lied. Do you have any input?


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  • It's not lying, it's roleplaying.

    I could be like "I looked over to the other side of the street. He saw me, and before I could react a shot was fired. I sprinted out of there and hit somewhere behind the containers, trying to contact my friends who must have gone somewhere too. 10 minutes later, which seemed like an eternity the police arrived and an ambulance came. I found back my friends and we tried to calm eachother down, talking, analyzing what happened. I ordered a glass of water. When the bartender gave it to me, I couldn't lift up the glass. I didn't know why, but as I calmed down and the adrenaline was fading, I started to feel it. The guy must have shot me in my collar bone and I lost my strength in my arm.

    I just wrote this down. This hasn't happened to me. Imagine I was just telling a story, roleplaying. It's the same thing

    • The testicles touching your private parts, I guess him imagining it gets him off or something, and since he's a virgin, his imagination can run wild, like this story of mine for example. It's detailed, but still just a story

    • Yea. I am just panic

    • (How did you like my story?) XD

      Also... Virgins of that age are more common than you think

  • wow interesting, um, so it isn't, I repeat IS NOT rare that a 27 year old is a virgin. I live in Japan and we have many many many male virgins nearing 40-50. So that is 100% possible. However if he is somehow good at talking dirty and is already 27.. I don't know, I lost my virginity.. this year tbh and im 23. I didn`t know and still have no idea wth i am doing. I say ditch a liar of course, but hard to tell, try and pry it out of him. It might be something you can only tell during sex, like (why the hell is he so experienced) lol. Talking dirty though can be practiced which is why it is tricky. Any other clues that point towards him being experienced?


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  • I doubt he is actually lying to you. He has probably watched way too many porn movies.