I have a crush on a guy friend who has a girlfriend. What should I do?

There's this guy I know who I only recently met, and he has a girlfriend who he's been with for nearly two years. I knew they were together beforehand. They seem like a very happy couple; similar personalities, he's close with her family etc. We started talking months back after I went through a breakup, when he messaged me asking if I was okay. I recently talked to him about it and he said that the reason he talked to me in the first place is because he thinks I'm beautiful, but then he said "I feel bad." I wasn't sure what that meant.
We began talking more, texting and stuff. He is from my city and so is his girlfriend, but because he's in the military, he is currently stationed several states away (coincidentally, he's stationed in my hometown, where I'll be visiting soon to see family).
I started developing a crush on him. He's sweet and has a very similar sense of humor to me. A few weeks ago he asked me why I chose him to talk to instead of someone else, and I told him how I felt about him (minus the crush; I told him that he's sweet and mature and a good person to have around) and he said he felt the same way about me. We mostly have a silly, lighthearted friendship β€” sending funny and embarrassing selfies back and forth, making jokes, etc.

However, a few nights ago we were just having casual conversation and he said, "You're always being yourself." I asked him if that was meant in a bad way, and he said "No, quite the opposite, actually. The problem is that I'm taken, you know. And you're too much, you know. It's hard to explain. I feel like I'm getting attached to you but it's also wrong because of my girlfriend."
Why did he say I'm too much? Also, what do I do about this crush? Why would he be getting attached to me if he's happy with his girlfriend? I don't know much about their relationship, and I hardly know her. If it matters, I'm eighteen and they're nineteen.


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  • Next time you two are alone, reach over and unzip his pants. He will protest, but he won't physically stop you. Pull out his johnson and give him a great bj. Everything will work out for the best afterwards. I guarantee it.

    • Anon, you're such a liar!

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    • @Daynada --And "Hi" yourself. LOL

    • Haha! Hello! You are fun to talk to πŸ˜€

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  • Don't do anything. The whole thing is a joke. He's a tease


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  • id say dont be stupid. but then again. my last 2/3 gfs had bfs

    in war and love there's no rules they say. just be patient.

  • Umm I don't know


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