Is he playing games? Why is he doing this?

Is he playing games? Why is he doing this? This guy I met a few months ago started off flirting a lot. When I first met him, he would smile at me, touch my shoulder all the time and back, make great eyecontact, touching my head, tryinf to hold my hand, laughing at stuff i did, liking my instagram pics and just seem interested. This went on for a good while untill a few weeks ago. He just stopped touching my shoulders, making eyecontact unless he had to (we work together), smiling at me and just honestly, I felt kind of ignored and unimportant, "I felt treated like everyone else, not special anymore". I noticed that when I would try to be around him he would mess with his hair and beard without making eye contact, if that means anything.. then yesterday he started to make more eye contact and started being a little silly with me. This whole time I a always tried to smile at him and be friendly and a few weeks back i touched his shoulder to try to show more interest but tbh I don't know why he was showing great interest (I think) but then didn't , and as of yesterday making more eye contact.. my gut is telling me that he either completely lost interest or as time went on, his emotions escalated and he really really likes me.. what do you guys think is going on in his mind? Why did he show interest then not? Thanks guys


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  • Well there can be a few reasons for that:

    1. He is either lost like you said, he is confused and doesn't really know what he wants for sure and that is being reflected in his actions.

    2. He was only trying to have fun and didn't have anything serious in mind.

    3. He has noticed something about you, something about your nature, something about your thinking, your personality and that has put him off.


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  • Maybe he isn't sure if you like him or not or he's currently dating someone else.