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Hi all,
Okay so there’s this guy in my class who I think probably likes me. We’re in our late twenties. For a few months now, I’ve seen him staring at me a lot. When we work in labs he always finds excuses to talk, be near me or touch my hand while exchanging things. He’s very helpful and polite at all times. Although he has many female friends, and is very confident and relaxed with them, other people and professors, when it comes to me he sometimes completely ignores me, gets nervous or blushes when he sees me. Sometimes he comes up to say hi and tries to talk. I added him on Facebook and so far have started the conversation thrice. Every time, he responds within seconds, minutes tops, seems eager to talk and gives long replies. But he hasn’t initiated a conversation yet. When we last met, I didn’t say hi to him at first because I didn’t see him coming in, and he was grumpy through out the class. When I finally saw him and said hi at the end of class, his face lit up and we ended up chatting a while. His mood improved quite a bit after that.
I'm so confused! Does he like me? Is he shy? Or am I totally wrong here?
Please help me out. Thanks!


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  • Seems as though he likes you! He's used to all the other girls and just considers them friends. He is shy around you because he likes you!! Just keep talking to him and he'll get more comfortable with you. Maybe tell him some of your favorite activities and places to eat... that way he already knows what you like and will hopefully ask you out!

    • Thank you! That's a good idea. I stopped talking to him because I didn't want to be annoying and clingy. But I guess I should continue.

    • Yes you should! Just give it time.

  • He likes you. He was grumpy because he thought you were ignoring him.


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  • He's shy and he definitely likes you. I totally understand him cause I'm shy too and that's how I act when I'm shy around somebody I like. 😋

    • I'm super shy too! Maybe that's why this is going nowhere. haha!

    • Lmao just try small talk in real life until you get comfortable talking to him

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