Should I hit him up or no?

Well me and an old guy friend reconnected and started taking more this summer... we hung out and just enjoyed each others company, we began to grow feelings for eachother (we kissed ).. he expressed how he felt and a week later I confessed I felt the same BUT he is still inlove with his ex... he said "She hurts me but I won't leave her unless she leaves me" plus some other stuff but he still wanted to be close friends... but before he told me that he'd always tell me to "open up", so it's been a week and he did try to call me once after I didn't respond to his text.. was it wrong for me to ignore him without any warning?
I do miss him BUT I know talking to him will only bring. Back my feelings


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  • No, you are not wrong to ignore him. You are actually doing the right thing. He hasn't moved on from his previous relationship, he is not ready for the next relationship, you also said you feel he is still in love with his ex, so there it is, the answer is clear.

    If a man is still in love with his ex, then there is no chance that he is ready for the next relationship.

    • Okay I thought I was being rude... I feel better cause I'm doing what's best, and knowing my worth. Thankyou so much

    • No you were not being rude and that's alright.

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  • I don't think you should, since he is still in love with his ex.