Should I even be nervous for this first date?

I have a date with a cute guy I met off bumble for this Saturday night. We talked on and off for 3months, since we were either busy with college or work. Recently, We snapchat each other and follow each other on IG. He has made it know that he thinks I'm pretty and fun from what he has seen in me and on my snapchat stories. But I'm honestly nervous that he may not like ALL of me, meaning my thick thighs and my overall hispanic curves. I have cellulite even though I work out to become healthier (size 11). My older friends friends (25-30yr olds) tell me that I'm so much more than my body and to stop living in fear that people will reject me because of my curves. So, I don't know if this guy will truly be okay with how my body looks in person. I'm learning more and more each day to have self love for my curves. Am I overthinking this date? Would you, men, overlook some slight chubb if you had chemistry with a girl? I don't like it when the first thing some people judge is my size rather my character.


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  • Should you be nervous?

    Well I think being nervous on the first date is natural, what is important is how you handle your nervousness.

    • I'm nervous because of what he said

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  • Oh I completely understand you! I'm also very insecure about my body (I don't have the body of a model either, cellulite and all) and totally understand how devastating these feelings are. BUT! You have a date with him, which of course means that he's interested in you. And, if he's totally into you, it doesn't matter how you look like. Looks fade over time, it happens to all of us.

    And of course, some men don't like slim women.

    • Thank you ❤️ I'm a size 11 and he seems like a thin guy according to his IG pictures. It's hard to feel beautiful with my size because of what society deems as beautiful but it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who's mentally fighting against those feelings inside 😊

    • No problem :) I don't know what size I am (I am European), but it differs from time to time. Hormones and sometimes my lymphs don't drain fluids properly, you know... I have days that I am 15 kgs heavier than normal, so that makes me feel insecure as I can not do anything about it. However, I am in a relationship with a very slim man for almost 2 years. He says he doesn't like slim girls, as he is feeling like he could break them in a second ;)
      You're not the only woman that's insecure. But the most important thing is that you're beautiful on the inside :) And the most insecure people, often are very kind to others.