What do you do when you are crushing?

Hey, this is a complicated question with many different angles. I am gonna pesent you one which I base the poll on. But feel free to tell other angles too and how you act like when you are interested in someone. Do you approach your crush and how? How do you often act when you are interested in a person?

Info for the poll:

If you just met a person you went maybe once on a date with, would you want to be in contact all the time or would you leave it to the next date/time you meet somewhere?

And hey sorry for the random pics... 😶
What do you do when you are crushing?

  • I think I would want to text a little
  • If I have a chance I will always contact my crush
  • I think it is better to get to know face to face
  • I never initiate the convo if I have nothing to say
  • If I am interested o will keep in touch every day
  • I would wait for them to contact
  • Other
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  • I told an older girl I was in love with her when I was 15. She slapped my face.

    AFtrt that, I waited for them to show some sign they were interested. I didn't get slapped doing that.

    Of course, as a girl, you aren't likely to be slapped, but still, you might want to cool it with stalking your crush!


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  • I try to move on after some time :p


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  • When I was a kid I did nothing. If I had a crush now, I'd be more active.

  • le fourth one

    • So you don't wanna talk to your crush just to talk with them? You don't feel that need?

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    • That is the third one 😄 fourth one is: i'll never initiate the convo if I have nothing to say

    • Oh hm, I must have gotten confused cause of the first picture
      The 1 line, 1 pic thing lol
      My bad :( me stupid

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