What is more important during the selection of boyfriend by you girls?

To be beautiful?
Strong with nice muscles?
or just to have enough money in the pocket.

Waiting for an answers, and my question isn't sarcastic.


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  • Hmm... Personality is obviously the deciding factor. I needed my boyfriend to be able to make me laugh, for us to have a lot of things in common, for me to not feel bored in my partner's presence. Because of my anxiety, I needed someone who had a calming effect on me.

    I'm not gonna say looks weren't important because meh, I think they were. If I didn't think my boyfriend was attractive, I wouldn't have gotten in a relationship with him. I don't see the point of getting in a relationship where you don't feel any sort of attraction to your partner.

    Strength and muscles were totally unimportant because I prefer people without them. My boyfriend's body is appealing to me and I love that he doesn't have muscles because I'm not really attracted to them. They just look like awkward bumps and ridges where they're not supposed to be.

    Money wasn't important either because we got together when we were 15. We're still together now and both of us are broke students with barely enough money to live how we do. I don't think that money will be important in the future either unless I have to constantly support my partner because I want to be a girlfriend, not a bank.

    • Hmm so you're a girl one in a million, if you didn't have a boyfriend I was going to offer you to marry me. This is the right way how a girl should threat her boyfriend, support, living together and divide the tasks to each other in order both of you to respect each other.

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  • Bro here's the best advice you can ever get advice on about women... is never get advice from women about women! Otherwise you'll end up a beta mangina or simp and it's already an epidemic of white knights and mangina's. If you want to know what is important to women it's simple just see and watch the guys they fuck.

    • Always been like that, watching the guys how they fuck and I just sit and stay :)

    • Look if you want a general overview just strive to work on your appearance, status and bank account. Get all three and women will be buzzing around you like flies on shit. Women are hypergamous by nature and only fuck the highest bidder.

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  • Initially is physical attraction. But that's just from first glances.
    After that if he's respectful, and good manners is a must.

    • So each girl have different way of looking about boyfriend.

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    • But you showed individuality right there lol

    • I agree that physical attraction or something they are doing (even if it's quirky) gets your attention. Usually it gets your attention when they aren't paying attention to you and are just doing something on their own or with friends. But while attraction is nice personality they show after that either sours it and you walk away or is comfortable or intriguing. So you get friendly but not overly friendly. If they like you they will usually make it known. But I personally like a guy with good old fashioned manners (I try to have them too), with a kind heart and likes animals, who is either a romantic or unconventional person who likes quirky or weird stuff that I do. Some men don't like women with disabilities (I have some) or aren't patient. Some are so competitive its ridiculous as you weren't trying to compete with them. Some like their women submissive, they do all things traditional (house/babies/don't work). They intimidated by smart woman and get defensive.

  • Personality is very important to me, chemistry, similar interests and values, looks come lower as priority on my checklist for selecting a boyfriend.


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