Girls, I'm going on a 3rd date this was her response, does she sound interested?

Yh I can do Friday I get paid as well 😊 would be nice xx

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    92% (12)
  • No
    8% (1)
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  • Not only 'Does she sound Interested,' @BluePlanet1992, but also it Appears to me, she is Into helping Pay for the date.
    Good luck and Great gal. xx

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    • thanks im ready but i will go with the flow, thanks by the way who should initiate the relationship chat?

    • Ouch, now this is sort of fast track but if the topic comes up, make sure it is something you both are hinting with by Nursing and nurturing. Maybe you, if the time is right for you both where you see she is really for a relationship. By getting to know her, you can casually find out if she is into a relationship. xx

  • Go for it

  • Not really, dude. If it's taken 4+ months for this 3rd date to happen, signs aren't good.

    • thanks I know but she's a student nurse and had to live away from home so she's had a lot on her plate i'll give her benefit of the doubt

    • That's what you've been saying this whole time, but I still don't buy it. If you mattered to her, she would have made it work. She hasn't made it work.