Girls: If you had the chance to get with "the one" would you? ...or would you want to date around first?

Especially girls just out of high school or in college... Would you date around and have your "fun" with the so-called bad boys/frat boys/whatever and party and stuff like that...

Or would you take the opportunity to date "the one" or a guy that was marriage material? Say this guy approached you... How would you handle the situation?

Detailed answers please! :)


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  • I'd prefer to date around for a little while at least. I'm not really ready for a super-serious relationship, because I feel I need to explore who I am as an individual and get my priorities set for my life before I can find someone who's ultimately compatible.

    Assuming I do find that guy who's "the one" before I'm ready to settle down, it'd be difficult to compromise. I think I'd want to date him, but I'd like to make sure I had room to keep exploring (by that I don't mean cheating - I mean I wouldn't want to be so dependent on him and comfortable with him that I give up a wealth of new potential experiences).


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  • I would date the "one" if I could find him... however, I think that if he was "marriage material" and that marriage was something he wanted and was vocal about I probably would want to date other people because I don't personally want to get married. I think that if I could find the guy that I would spend the rest of my life in a committed relationship with then yes I would feel no need to date around.

    • Why don't you want to get married?! :)

    • I don't want to get married because I honestly believe that marriage is a trap. I think that some of the happiest couples in the world are not married. I believe in monogomy and committment but I don't hting that a piece of paper is going to make anything better in the relationship, however, sometimes some people's relationships suffer because of marriage.

  • if I had the chance to date the one guy I could spend the rest of my life with I probably would. After going out with people who weren't right for me it would make me happy to find the guy that was. Maybe people who haven't dated many people wouldn't think the same. It just depends on whether or not a person is secure enough to get into a long term relationship.

    personally I am right now so yes I would cdate the one. But lots of people wouldnt.


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