How to seduce a guy when you're on a date?

I've been seeing this guy for a month now and we haven't been intimate other than French kissing, I want him to know I want him! how do I do this without coming across as desperate and throwing myself over him? id rather tease him and let him know I want him!
we are going out to a bar tomorrow evening and I want to be able to make him crazy! what should I wear? How should I act? Should I play it cool? Any topics of conversation I should bring up?


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  • Try to close the physical proximity in between you two. Don't sit across a table for too long.

    Look for moments where you have that ability to sit right up next to him and snuggle against each other or walk hand-in-hand. You can grab his hand like it means nothing at all.

    Have some drinks, loosen up, share intimate things about yourselves. Strengthen that connection. Then perhaps as you leave the bar, give him a kiss -- passionate one, and maybe invite him over to your place.

    I'm usually suggesting these types of things to guys but I think it should be okay if you initiate a bit.

    • Oh and as for what you wear, sexy and a bit revealing is probably good if you want to turn up the heat.

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    • He lives out of town so it would cost him a lot to get a taxi unfortunately! I also don't want to come across too strong and make him think its the alcohol making me act like that! I don't really drink much when he drives because I don't want to be the annoying drunk haha its bad manners too I think if he isn't drinking. I want to have more meaningful conversation with him aswell, it makes it all so difficult too because I am leaving the country for university in a month.

    • I see -- that should be some incentive to push things forward a bit, let him know you want him. It might be good to lead him to a more private and intimate place (wherever you can find it -- in the car, for example, if no other option).

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  • It's quite easy:
    Pick a sex-related topic and talk to him about your favourite positions, compliment him, touch him often, show off your cleavage, hold his hand etc.