I'm in love with him, but it's driving me away from him?

I am in love with a friend of mine. He is the best person who has ever walked in to my life and I know he feels the same. However, the stronger the feelings get for him, the more I seem to distance myself. Lately I've been making every effort to get over these romantic feelings for him because although I know he likes me back, I just don't want to give any chances for being hurt or disappointed. I'm torn because I have a really good shot with him and I want him in my life because he is so important and soecial to me, but I am equally afraid so I draw myself back. Is this normal and is it an okay thing to do? I've never liked somebody so much before and I'm overwhelmed.


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  • I think that's quite normal, especially if you have been hurt before. Being in love with someone will not come without it's share of risks. Hence risk is always going to be there.

    If you want to completely protect yourself from getting hurt then the best way is to stay single and never allow yourself to feel love. However then you will end up being alone maybe for your lifetime.

    However you said you are in love with him, so you have to expose yourself to that risk of getting hurt. In love it's like you give the other person the power to hurt you but you still trust them that they won't hurt you, that is the risk that one needs to take while in love.


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  • You should take the risk and tell him if your feelings are that strong for him

    • Thank you:) I have been considering because I know it's the only way to ever get the weight off, it's just scary.