How long does it have to be before you introduce your date to your family?


i wonder weather one can date somebody and yet doesn't wanna meet her family, is that alright,

i mean, in college, one might date 10 girls before finding the right one, do I have to know there parents ?


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  • In high school, it seemed like every one of my dates had to meet my parents

    In college, none of my bfs met my parents

    The one guy that met my parents was someone who I dated long term

    so no, you don't have to meet the family until you guys are serious about one another

    • What do you mean serious,, is it possible to be dating, and yet both of you know this ain't gonna last long ?

      liking each other, and knowing its just for fun at the same time?

    • Yeah of course that's possible and very common. It that case, when it's just for fun, you wouldn't meet each other's family.

      By serious I mean, "the one"

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  • only if you want to and if you think it's the right thing to do at that time :) but I wouldn't if u've only been togetha for like a few days or weeks...i'd wait until it got more serious:)

  • i think you should wait till its more serious and you have to be ready befor you get pushed into it

  • No. You probably do not unless you feel like this is going to be long term and/or she feels that is it important.


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