Does it make me impolite that I didn't text him back? What can I do to make him treat me better?

We 've been casualy dating for 3or 4 months untill a few months ago I finally can't stand he always acting kind of cool to me. So, I kind of cut off by tellling him not sure about meeting again 'cos feel like the meetings were a little awkward. He came back and text me, so I let him know I like him and want to do things with him and hoping him understand I want something less casual with him. So, he kinda treat me better, inviting me to some sport with him, but that time I couldn't make it anyway. However, he seemed like knowing that I would like to meet him again, then he go back to how he treated me before, like text me only asking where I am, obviously just to see if I can hook up, for a few times I really have consider it but have plans already so couldn't meet him. I was hoping him will be sweet to me once in a while, but he really just behaves like the previous time. I kinda disappointed and did not text back to his latest text (like asking if I can come over).
I don't know if it makes me look impolite, but I don't know what to say to him at this point? I really like this guy and have cried for him too many time. Would he be mad at me that I don't respond and lead to a cut off finally? Or should I talk to him again?
Thoughts? Opinions?


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  • If he isn't treating you right drop him dont sell yourself short you deserce better and what your asking for is not hard! And there's nothing wrong with not texting him your the one who is in chrge your the women you are in control not him drop him!

  • The silent treatment is a selfish way of trying to get something done. If you're not truly happy, why are you still with him?

    • Should I text back and talk to him then? I don't want to sounds like complain nor give in again. Or should I just tell him this is the end? Guess the tricky part is there were some cute, happy moments which made me feel hard to cut off.

    • I think you should cut him. off you can do better

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  • You don't sound very interested in him. You should let him be. Stop leading him on.

    • I interested in him probably much more than he interested in me ha. Sorry that can't provide enough details here cos it would be a long story. The thing now is I am so attracted to him, but we started it casual, I can understand if he don't mean to take this relationship further. I told him I like him so that if he doesn't feel the same should have let me go, but he told me like me too, and ask me to meet again and again, at first he ask nicely, now he simply ask me to come over and by putting a smiley face at the end and think it sounds polite which made me feel he's just using me. So, it's more like he leading me on. The fact that I like him so much is holding my back. That's why here i ignored his last text. I am not sure what to say to him at this point? Sigh :(