Which one would you consider normal for a relationship on social media?

  • posting a few pictures *1-3* of each other here and there (not all the time. give or take a month or 2 in between.) with a comment on some of the pics of how much they love you... a few wall posts here and there as well.
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  • no pictures of each other but when your S. O. posts a pic of himself/herself you just either like it or react to it but no comment on the picture. no wall posts either.
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What Guys Said 1

  • I'm not sure any online 'relationship' with no direct contact can ever be considered completely 'normal.' But I voted choice #1

    • it's not an 'online relationship'. they both know each other in person. it's about their social media relationship that i'm questioning if it's 'normal.' they don't have any pictures of themselves together on facebook nor does the girl comment on his wall. i'm not sure if he comments on her wall cuz i don't have her as a friend on facebook. she does like/react to stuff he posts on facebook but if it's a picture of him she doesn't comment on the picture and type "handsome" or stuff like that or emojis.

What Girls Said 1

  • U must show that you are taken and love each other so much. I personally never did that with my boyfriend cuz my last boyfriend was 23 and I was 17 so it was illegal and my mom would flip if i did that. But now if I had any social media then I would do that now.