Why would a guy sleep with a girl during her period?

I met a guy a month or so ago and we'd been dating about a month. He'd taken me out for a meal to meet his brother and his partner. We had a fun night. He was buying lots of rounds of drinks, shots etc.
I was reasonably drunk but not where I didn't know what I was doing.
During the evening he was telling me everything he was going to do when we got back to his. I felt awkward as it was the time of the month.
I tried to say I'd go home but he insisted I went home with him as we'd begun a relationship. I told him we couldn't do much as I was having my time of the month and he insisted he was going to do it regardless. I was shocked really and felt uncomfortable but bc I didn't want to disappoint him I allowed it to happen.
i kind of felt a little disgust for him afterwards as he hadn't thought much about my feelings, but I put it down to too much to drink.
Im just wondering if this is a RED flag!
He also told me that night he loved me more than anything and no one has ever made him feel like this.


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  • Period sex feels amazing and its my favorite time to have sex. If I am with a woman period sex is a must.


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  • No it's not a red flag! Lots of guys like period sex and I've always loved it myself. I was always hornier while I was on my period than normal. Yeah it's a little messy but it cleans up.


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  • A very definite BIG RED FLAG.