What could cause me to have a breakthrough?

What could cause me to have a breakthrough

Time after time I get frustrated and feel like crying because a girl I get a crush on ends up dating another guy. I feel like a failure and that I will never break the cycle of being afraid to talk to a girl. I just get these intense feelings of rejection and it's a paralyzing fear that stops me. If I knew 100% percent she felt the same way I would have no problem approaching but that's not the way the dating and women work and it's asking too much.

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  • Oh dear I'm sorry to hear that but let me tell you something.. You have to get over your fear and dont stress about it. You will find someone that will completely likes and accept for who you are :) Things will take time.

    • But I'm realistic I know a girl isn't gonna come out of nowhere for me

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    • I can't help it having a serious mindset has helped me survive through horrors in life like losing both my parents going homeless being hit by a car,

    • I understand that you got hurt, and thats okay because we all get hurt and thats what makes us a human but surviving through all your horrors and struggles, you are a one strong man. there's always hope in every situation dear. You have to keep having faith in you and believe in yourself. Just be yourself, do your own thing, and the right people will come to you and stay.

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