What is biggest deal breaker for guys when it comes to an LTR or thinking about marrying a girl? How do guys know she's the one?


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  • When you can love being together, just sitting on a beach, in the warm evening twilight. Nothing is said, it doesn't need to be. It just feels so good. That's where it all starts.

    • Well said. How much effect does a girl having been married before have on your consideration to date/marry her?

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    • What does this mean?

    • Never mind. Lol - I just realized.
      Thank you!

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  • If you never get annoyed with her being around, she's the one!

    • Thanks! We already live a few hours apart; hopefully he doesn't get annoyed in the little time we do spend together.

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    • No. prob you have a good one glad to help👌

    • Thanks, you too!

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