So you think he just needed time to think?

Hey, I don't want to seem obsessed. Or selfish. I just want to know what you guys think.

I went on a date with a guy about 2 weeks ago. It went really well. We really clicked he told me he liked how we could talk about so much. He said most girls he goes out with just listen never respondd. He also said things like we should hangout more, he hinted that we will be around each other a lot more. We went on a date at 9pm and we stayed out after our walk and talk in the park we drove around until 4am once we both realized we worked in 4 hours the date come to an end. But we both didn't want it to end. It ended with a hug. I asked him to text me once he got home so I knew he got home safe. But I wasn't expecting it cause I new he would be tired. He told me he was a really bad texter before I said goodbye and that's the last I heard from him in 2 weeks. Also not to long before our date his phone broke but he still had his iPad. That he was talking to me on before our date.

Just yesterday he sent me a text and said "sorry I just got a new phone" I replied with "that is alright :) " I was just happy to hear from him again. Prior to him texting me I did try to Instagram message him saying happy birthday about a week before and I tried to add him on Facebook but he never accepted the request and he never replied on Instagram

I really did like going out with him. I want to get to know him more. Do you think he just needed time to figure out if he really wanted to keep talking with me? What do you think? He just turned 20 and I'm 18.


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  • Honesrly if you dont hear feom a guy who claims to like you after a week, then he's playing with you, further more if you try to ad him on any social meda and he doesn't ad you immediatly like may a day or so later he's playing some type of game becouse a guy who really likes you wants to see you a lot and talk a lot and be around you a lot i ger working but again a guy who likes you will find a way to see and talk to you as fasr he can and follow up with another date quickly to if he really likes just my thoughts after all im a guy


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  • I am sorry, I don't think he's that into you.

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