Does a date has to be interrogated?

That's what it felt like, an interrogation room with someone that doesn't like you.

I felt kind of embarrassed for my date. He isn't even my boyfriend, this is just our 4th date in a month and my father had to ruin it all by asking several questions such as whether he's in college, do you work, what you worked us, etc.

Now this isn't really my first date (I also had a boyfriend last year in my junior yr of HS but only my mother knew this). The only difference is this time, my father found out for the first time that I'm dating.

So basically my past dates and my past relationship was a secret between my mother and me. She's cool with it and doesn't ask too much.

But I always would not try to make things obvious. I just didn't think he would find out. That's exactly what I expected to happen. It's upsetting to be honest. I hated him in that day he interrogated my date like that.


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  • Fun fact: usually, when fathers are paranoid of their daughters' dates, it's because they objectified women back in the day. They're afraid of someone treating their daughters the same way they treated girls.

    I know it's annoying as hell, but sadly if you're still financially dependent on your parents, I don't think there's anything you can really do about it. :/

    • You're right. Though my mother is still my father's first; my mother only had a previous boyfriend before him. He wasn't the player type in his youthful years.

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  • Honestly thats how fathers are to there daughters whom. they find out are datinf honestly normal behavior poor guy lol


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