Should I continue to trust women?

Speaking from a mans perspective...

I haven't had a close relationship with a woman. I've only had long distance relationships with women in China and one in the Philippines (No girl in the United States will date me. Been on a 6 dating apps for over 3 years and still haven't found a date).

But I constantly see woman saying they love their man and what not, yet cheat on him like it's nothing. Even though he is giving everything he has to make you happy.
Women crave attention... Except from their man. That's what I have figured out. A woman likes the attention of other men, but is in constant flux when her man provides too much, too little, not enough at the right moments, too much in the wrong moments, etc. However, any attention from the outside is good attention. You especially see it on social media.

My first girlfriend in the philippines constantly said she loved me and would never hurt me, yet cheated on me as she was saying that stuff.
My other girlfriend in China want's my attention when I don't give it to her, but when I do give it to her she doesn't want it.

I don't understand why women are so damn complicated.


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  • Don't let the world make you bitter. And yes, you should! A decent girl will never have the chance to prove it if you don't give her the chance.

    Also it seems like your previous experience is solely based on social media, that sadly has nothing to do with the real world. There are so many reasons why people cheat. . . or end relationships. . . or lie. But there are also a lot of people out there, who don't.

    • yes, because no girl in my area or surrounding area or country wants to date me. Sent hundreds and hundreds of messages. The only girls that bother to respond are doing it to be nice or wants a friend.

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  • well your experiences are only your experiences and not the nature of relationships or women as a whole

    let your past experiences serve as lessons on what to look for and look out for in relationships. that's what i did. i was cheated on in two different relationships. there was a time when i felt like i couldn't trust women but knew that was irrational deep down. so when i started dating i just used my experience to help me make better decisions

    • there was a study done that says 50-60% of women cheat, while 70% of men cheat. I don't fall within in that 70%, but how can I trust someone who has the potential to fall in the 50-60%? I mean, that's a huge risk. Women do it for different reasons too. The study showed they cheat mostly for emotional needs and/or because they had a fight, so it's kind of like revenge. Men cheat mostly because there is a lack of something within the relationship, mostly sex.

      So if we get into a fight, how can I make sure she doesn't cheat on me? If she is mad the likelihood of her cheating just increased 10 fold.

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    • Yeah, that's true. The problem is I feel like I won't have much time. Like it's now or never. I'm only 22, I feel like I won't have that much time to date people. Especially people I like

    • you have plenty of time. i was 24 when i had my second bad relationship. now i'm happily married to an incredible woman that i trust with my life

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  • Is not that women are complicated, is just you're going for the wrong ones. First and foremost, anyone that you date over the media or in those dating apps that there already shows you the person he/she is. Yeah theYeah say they just looking for someone etc etc but at the same time they're getting attention not from just one man, but a few and then you see them posting the most attractive pictures or sexy pictures just to see who'd fall for it and get complimented etc. Someone who's really looking to be with someone would go out of their comfort zone and would go out to places to meet people personally not through the internet. I learned my lessons from the dating app and many of the guys I dated the outcomes weren't so great as to my man now who I met at my old job and we're happily engaged and just had my first baby with him. You don't wanna date anyone you meet online cause majority of the woman through there are looking for attention and looking for what I call a dummy with all your ideals and then you end up not even liking what you found cause sometimes too much perfection is not best. I'm pretty sure you're a great guy and you shouldn't be afraid to trust a woman, but I recommend you to go out in the world, explore more from what you're used to and visit new places, and eventually you'll see you'll come across that girl. Be it at work, shopping center, restaurant, etc. Avoid a woman that goes to the club to much though or that always out to the bar. Bars and clubs are not the best places to meet a person. Anyhow good luck 🖒

  • very much wisedom achieved from 2 long distance relationships with women you probably never met in real life, congratulations!

    Just get out of the house and meet real people, dating apps are sh*t.

    • Keep taking the words outta my mouth 😂

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    • @Cosytoasty well, every girl I have tried to date IRL is either:
      gay, bi, has a boyfriend, has a husband, or just doesn't find me attractive enough... That's why I stick to online.

    • not everyone has the luxury of choice. I have to take what I can get.

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  • As a man we will never understand women bro!

  • Just pretend they are cats... that should solve everything

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