Changing relationship status from single to in a relationship? Is he ashamed?

I never really cared for broadcasting my relationship anywhere on social media. I like to be private as possible. I just started officially dating this guy and I haven't told anyone yet. I've put him on my snapchat and that's it. He also put me on his snapchat and tells his gamer friends he has a girl. His best friend and brother knows too. But he puts a lot of girls on his snapchat as well. His fb still says single. I'm just wondering is it really that necessary to change it? Is it mandatory? I'm cool with not advertising I'm in a relationship with _____. But then again I'm a girl and now I'm wondering he's not broadcasting as much either... So is he ashamed? Or could be just not care? Thoughts?

  • I don't put my relationship on Facebook
  • I do put my relationship on Facebook
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  • i haven't done anything on fb. just had to check and saw my wife and i aren't even listed as in a relationship. it just doesn't seem important. everyone who knows us knows we're married. that's enough


What Girls Said 1

  • He could change the setting so that it's not actually showing on facebook. I have that setting as mine and so does my boyfriend.

    Likelihood is that he probably hasn't even thought about it so I wouldn't worry or read too much into it

    • No, it shows on his profile in the front that he is single.
      he didn't change any settings. So I was just wondering. Most likely he's not thinking about it, but he does go on Facebook just to tag things and post maybe once in a while.