Is it bad I'm feeling a little dumb about purchasing a promise ring for my boyfriend?

Ok long story shortened. We have been together for almost 4 years and we are soul mates, always together, never have any issues and we both know we will most likely be getting married one day after he's finished college and we have our lives fully financially stable... here's the thing. I always loved the look of promise rings and I think they are so cute and meaningful and I have tried hinting to him that I want one but it seems like he doesn't get the hint. I get pretty jealous whenever I see someone post they're cute rings on social media and they are couples that haven't even been together nearly as long as us so it just makes me think we deserve something like that you know? Basically I just ordered him a really nice looking ring. It's perfect--black and skate great chrome band and I engraved inside of it "My better half." In HOPES that he will want to return the favor and get me one too... but I just looked at some other people's posts about this and people keep saying promise rings are dumb and that the girl shouldn't get one so now I am feeling conflicted. What do you think?

I just ordered it. I know he's gonna really appreciated it but I just hope it wasn't dumb because I'm the girl getting him the ring.


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  • Does he believe in them?

    • He hasn't really told me whether he believes in it or not. I have "hinted" that I want one by saying stuff like "oh look Sally got a ring from so and so isn't it so cute?" and he just agreed but says he would rather use the money for a real nice ring when we're engaged. I think it's because he doesn't know what it would mean to me.

    • He doesn't seem that into it. Don't hint at it, just talk to him about it

    • I suppose so. Well, even if I don't get one in return it's not so bad that I just surprised him with a nice looking piece of jewelry is it? Lol it's exactly his style. I do wish I'd get one in return but I think i'll be content even if i don't just because I did something nice for him.

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  • If this means something to YOU, then do it.

    - Get it for him. Explain to him that, it's silly but means a lot to you. If he loves you as much as it sounds, then he'll take it.

    Will he get you one back? Unlikely.

    • That's true. I know that the chances of him getting me one In return are kind of like 50/50 but I think I will still feel good knowing I at least gave him something that means a lot to me personally.

  • You are at the correct age where promise rings are not dumb. But they are dumb

    • I could definitely see that. If we were older, more financially stable, and able to actually be engaged then I could see how a promise ring is stupid but I guess my main concern is the fact that I am the girl getting it. Which is untraditional, but also part of me just wishes he would have gotten me one without me hinting or getting him one first, it would have been so special to me but now it seems like it was all my idea on my own which kind of ruins it a bit.

    • Please don't give it to him. You have a relationship it is a tight relationship. There is no need and it will only make them feel bad that he doesn't have the money to give you an engagement ring.