Problems finding love, what to do?

I'm 17, a male... Only had one ever true real relationship with a girl and she broke my heart, chose someone else over me. Apart from her never had a 'real' relationship, never had sex... I'm lonely and I need a real relationship but I can't find the right person... any advice?


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  • College/graduation opens up many new doors to relationships. Right now, in high school, you're in a little fish bowl. But when you enter college, you're entering an ocean. That girl may have broken your heart, but the relationship itself has given you necessary experience. I guarantee that you've grown and learned some things. At least you did not lose your virginity to her. Going into college, I had never had a boyfriend ever, so I was at more of a disadvantage than you. I know how sad it can feel to be lonely, but take this time to focus on yourself and your family, health, hobbies, school, and everything else in your life. Aim to be clearheaded and confident by the time college happens. You are young and you have plenty of time to find a girl who is an even better match for you. And it will happen. And while it feels like you're the only lonely heartbroken guy around right now, there are many other guys out there right now feeling exactly like you do. I'm here if you need me as well to pm (just let me know).

    • Thanks for the encouraging advice. I don't plan on going college though.. can we talk further in pm?

  • (Uninformed opinion ahead) You've still got so much time! Just don't worry about it. There are loads of people (including guys) who've never had sex at your age.

    Me and a flatmate recently had a conversation about a similar topic and according to him during their 20s (especially mid-to-late 20s) for a lot of guys it gets way easier to meet girls.


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