How to approach a really shy guy?

I like this guy in my class, and he probably likes me too (I asked about it in my previous question). He shows all the usual signs: blushing, being nervous, attempting to be close to me or touching, weird mood swings, being normal with everyone else but going really quiet in front of me etc. The thing is, he appears to be really shy. We only talk when I initiate texting, but then he tries to keep the conversation going and we end up talking for quite a while. He's really sweet to me too when me meet.
But I feel weird approaching him now. I don't want to be clingy or annoying. I heard shy guys take time to open up. How do you guys suggest I approach him? What should I do to make him more comfortable? Or should I just let it go?


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  • you tell him how you feel and what you want him for, and be forward, shy guys want clingy sweet girls, because we dont want a girl who is going to date and ditch us, if a girl expects the shy guy to do everything and she plays that annoying dumb and innocent routine and she doesn't show interests the shy guy will find the girl annoying, uninteresting and he will move on.
    and most of all, shy guys fear rejection the most, and its usually the cause of guys being shy with girls and trust takes a while longer.

    • I'm sort of like him too; the really shy and studious type. So do you suggest I should be patient and continue with initiating conversations?

    • your a girl, you have to be forward, being patient and waiting for the guy to make the first moves doesn't work with shy guys, they will never make first moves. girls are the ones who decide on who she wants when she wants, guys dont have that luxury.
      so yes continue making conversations but its up to you to lead it into a relationship.

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  • Introduce yourself to him and pick a topic in regards to a class both of you are attending.


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  • So you don't talk to him in person all that much?
    Can't you just ask him on a date? You might not want to phrase it that way and you should probably have built around another activity. Like, going to miniature golf or something so it kind of distracts you and gives you something to talk about rather than forcing most of the attention on the conversation during a meal.

    If he's interested, he's not going to see you as clingy and annoying for approaching him in any kind of way.

    • No I don't see him often. Classes are over so we can only text mostly. It sort of hit me when I realized I might not see him again often.
      I'm too shy myself, so I get totally lost and confused as well on what to do and how.

  • Talk to him be yourself the more he's around you the more comfortable he will get!


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