Does playing games all the time make a guy not communicate or hangout with his girlfriend?

My boyfriend and i have been dating for a year and ALL he does is play games. He played it a lot when we first started dating but i didn't know that because he communicated with me well and hung out with me a lot but now I definitely know he plays games a lot. I know tons of gamer guys with girlfriends who they spend lots of time with when their girlfriend wants them to. I work so we obviously can't see each other then, but the days i am off? Not really. We see each other maybe once every 2 weeks if that.
Our conversations are bland (on the phone and through text). I talked to him about spending more time with me but if i want to, it's always me initiating it. I wanted to go somewhere and have fun and we talked about it on the phone the night before and again late late that night. Since he was free (as always) I thought we could definatley do it but the next day pass and he text me a little bit but brought nothing of it up. I'm always initiating dates/visits/hangout sessions so i thought he would bring it up but NOTHING about it.
Of course when i called him he was playing games (shocker!) But i won't believe the "He forgot excuse".. so third grade. NO guy would forget about a planned hangout when they literally talked about it 6 HOURS AGO (late late at night)!! It just fustrates me so much; the few days i have off, i want to spend time with you. We love each other (i think i love him more) but i feel like im holding his hand constantly asking to come over/hangout together while he plays games all day with his friends.
I don't want to end it but i get really lonely because i want to do fun stuff WITH HIM but i guess he doesn't want?
I don't want to end it over something he'd feel would be ridiculous because i DONT know his point of view on these situations but i feel he should still be a BOYFRIEND and not a "friend" that only does stuff with you if you ask.


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  • Maybe if he's young and stupid. In time, smart guys come to realise that they can play the game any time they like, but they might not be able to see their girlfriend all the time.


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  • i can understand your frustration, but i would greatly appreciate not writing so many capitalized words..

    on topic; in normal cases couples who dont manage their gaming time and social time can often be socially destructive and lead to breakups, but with that in perspective i and my boyfriend also play a lot of games, i play mmo games and building games regularly and he plays rpg and adventure games bi-weekly, but when we're together we always set it aside and give time for eachother, which isn't all that hard to do, my guidmates and alliance members dont mind at all and actually encourage us to continue to behave this way despite my guild being highly competitive, so its very normal for us

    that said some people play games that demand their full attention, very competitive games like dota2 and CS:GO, my brother plays these games regularly but always takes takes for 4-6 hours to rest his mind because he gets headaches from concentrating so hard

    so having a relationship is not impossible, its certainly not hard and as long as both of you are willing to talk about it, it can easily be done, good luck :)

    • sidenote:
      i play guildwars 2, space engineers, stellaris, cities:skylines, star citizen and eve online.. though i only actively play GW2, space engineers and eve online

      my boyfriend plays dragonage inquisition, dark souls III, rise of the tomb raider, stellaris and tom clancy's the division

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  • well... you've pointed out the flags... so whats upside? why you sticking around? i mean, i don't mind someone having a hobby, but there's only so much "hobbying" i can take before the loneliness sets in and i look for companionship elsewhere.

  • It isn't going to change so you have a decision


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  • Then tell him you feel like he's prioritizing games over you and it feels like you're not even together anymore since you so rarely hang out.
    "I don't want to end it over something he'd feel would be ridiculous"
    If he doesn't understand that HIS GIRLFRIEND wants to see him more often than twice a month, he's clearly a shitty boyfriend who's too immature for a relationship.

    • I guess you're right. It'd just be so hard to end a long term relationship. And over him playing games too much? I feel that wouldn't be a good leg to stand on and would be seen as a "childish" or "over reacting" reason

    • It's not over "him playing games too much" honestly. It's over him acting as though you aren't even together, rarely seeing each other and him not taking the initiative to talk or see you.