Anyone ever had a crush and they ended up being in a relationship with someone else how did you feel?

How do you gt over them

  • Sick cried😲
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  • Eh whatever crush was just eye candy😛
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  • Heartbroken 💔
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What Guys Said 1

  • it was bad. the thing is i really do believe that my crush was also into me. I noticed some "signs".
    couldn't do anything since we work for the same company and she is a superior.
    Feels like shit nonetheless knowing that I cannot be with someone I like.
    Strange is that though she started dating, she sometimes still does the same things to try and catch my attention.
    Is it possible to date someone though you like another guy? Is she still trying to get something out of me?

    • She just wants your attention so if that guy drops her she always has someone she can come to that's why she's not dropping you completely.. hang in there mate

What Girls Said 1

  • Once I find out they are with someone else, I detach and drop them. It's easy for me to move on from that.