Do u change it?

For example u love someone as hell but she/he wanted change ur religion for her. What would u do? Do u change ur religion for ur love?

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  • The person I'm currently in love with is saying he'll potentially join my religion in order to be with me, I don't think he'll really do it though.
    I've Had a guy in the past say the same too.

    • Why u dont believe that?

    • I Think he only wants to do it to be with me, not because he believes it. So obviously he's not gonna be able to keep it up even if he tried.

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  • nshh

    • I Can definitely see why this answer was selected most helpful, it has given me so much insight into the matter and really opened my eyes. Thanks so much anon

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  • NO. Also, religion fucking sucks. I couldn't date a religious person at all, and believe me, I did try. It sucked.

    • What about if u really love him? Not worth to try?

    • He broke up with me because I wasn't godly enough for his stupid republican ass, so yeah, not worth the try.

  • I'm not religious. I won't pretend to be religious or accept a religion for anybody.
    I do believe that maybe there is God, but I don't accept the religion to control my life.


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