How would you feel if your partner is an escort?

With my boyfriend over a year now.
he's a model and personal trainer also an athlete.
we moved in together over 3 months ago and are very close and strong.
He gets approached my modelling scouts even while out shopping and has worked for big brands.
Today as a joke we looked at a male escort site, and he signed up charging £150 pound an hour. Since then his phone has been calling non stop.
he is currently out with a client who wants someoene to humiliate her... I. e spit in her face etc.
He has stated to whoever calls or messages him that there is no sex involved anywhere.
he is a very attractive man and can earn a lot of money doing this. When I say attractive I mean beatiful as over a 10.
im feeling very anxious about the whole thing and worried.
would you allow your partner to do this?

The website is "strictly" escorting (however i know that other things can happen)
He gets paid 150 or more an hour to "be seen with someone in a restaurant/bar/club/theatre and gets paid for it.
The person he has gone to meet wants him to spit im her face and for her to clean his shoes (im not joking)
Wtf is this?
Im a nurse and work long ass hours and feel like I have a respectable job.
Me and him have spoken about marriage babies etc and then this is what he does


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  • I'd find it weird personally and you'd lose a lot of time with them as they'd always be with clients , true they would have a lot of extra money , I know some beautiful younger women and could imagine they'd make piles of money doing this I'm not sure it be a good idea


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  • no sex involved? As a handsome male escort? Yeah right.

    • There are a lot of escorts who don't have sex with their clients.

      There's no need to be sceptical this is a very likely situation.

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    • He's been offered (sorry to say) jobs in the porn industry and turned them down. Which is why I know he won't sleep with anyone else.
      But Id rather him have a respectable job x

    • porn industry... to me escort is also sex related.
      I'd get him out of there

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  • No way! He should be with you, not someone else. I can understand the money aspect, but it might get a bit close to Indecent Proposal!

    Your choice.

  • I would break up. Simple as that.

    • Thanks.
      That's how I feel atm. We spoke about a few days ago kidding around and I think he was surprised when he saw how much money he could make.
      I don't want to make excuses for him and im not happy.
      He send me a photo when he left and should be home in an hour or two.
      Im at a loss

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    • Then it is something you need to make clear to him. And it comes down to him if its more important to him to have a good relationship with you or to earn some extra cash.

      In the end escort is nice way of saying sex-worker these days and I guarantee you he will get offers for that regulary. And who knows if he ever will do it or not. So you need to set boundaries now or not at all.

    • He already had offers, he showed me the messgaes and he clearly stated it was for escorting services with no sex involved and I do believe that.
      I DO NOT like the idea of woman drooling over him or with him being so close to them but I do understand why he's doing it.
      Also, the safety aspect. I won't be able to sleep at night untill he comes home safe.
      Some of the messges he was getting were Bizzare from mentally deranged people.

  • Lol are you forreal? Why would anyone date an escort for a serious relationship. They get paid for a service, you're his hoe ( no disrespect)

    • I've been with him over a year. Moved in together not so long ago.
      Believe me, if I had known this from day one I would never have pursued anything.
      I feel completely and utterly stuck as we now have a house

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    • I dont let him walk all over me at all, believe me.
      Me and him discussed it beforehand and I more or less said "give it a go"
      Now that I'm home alone and he's "there" I've been thinking about it and am not happy it makes me really upset.
      He has good degrees and I feel he's throwing them away to make some very easy cash by allowing these woman to pay for him to go for dinners etc... A waste of university in my opinion.
      I also feel the same way about the personal training job too

    • Was he born rich? The richest people tend to be the laziest. They rely on their wealth and good status to do anything, even if that means throwing away a 40k university education for some stupid shit. This is typical rich kid syndrome, I would know, I was around them for a good few years

  • I would, but that's me. No one is saying you have to be okay with it.

    • I don't want him to go down a bad path.
      i don't believe he will sleep with anyone... However I feel uneasy as it seems seedy yo me

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  • I highly doubt my boyfriend ever would do this, but if he did I'd be fine with it.

    We've already established that our relationship is open, so if he was making money from it? Score. Saves the issue of him finding a job.

    • I could never have an open realtionship, it's not my thing.
      He has two good degrees behind him and does this im so so unhappy about it

    • 150 bucks an hour is a LOT of money. I mean I got excited when I found a job advert for a casual position at a library that pays over 30 bucks an hour.
      Though if I were to assume you're running on USD then that 30 would become something like 15. And that 150 to AUD would be 300.

      That's a LOT of money.
      (correct me if I'm wrong. You're anon and most poeple here seem to be from that area)

    • We are both in London so it's British pound.
      And yes it is a lot of money.
      Im a nurse and earn roughly 26 pound an hour without tax detucted.
      His PT sessions pay well at about 40 an hour but he wants to buy a nice home in an exclusive part of London wheras im happy where we are living now

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