Which is the most attractive quality in a girl?

  • Feminine
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  • Independent
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  • Slightly Masculine (burps and farts comfortably, loves swatching sports, etc.)
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  • Other (please state in comments)
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  • Combination (please state in comments)
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Most Helpful Guy

  • A combination of (not any of the qualities in the poll, but for me) healthy, kind-hearted and open-minded.

    The kind-hearted part is self-explanatory.

    As for the health aspect, I want a girl who doesn't binge drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, smoke marijuana, text while driving nor drink an awfully gratuitous amount of energy drinks. If she tans, I can *stomach* it (though I'd prefer that she doesn't) if her skin doesn't show that she does it too much.

    As for open-mindedness, I mean if she loves animals as much as I do (including snakes and spiders, and my pet rats); or if she doesn't like the mentioned animals as much, she can respect them and still have my attraction. And since I'm going for wildlife conservation, it'd be a HUGE pet peeve for her to base any animosity toward hyenas on A) "The Lion King" and/or B) misconceptions/stereotypes that I dis spell to her, but ignores what I said anyway.

    • Well, I also want a girl who doesn't engage in random sex nor have visible large-scale tattoos/extreme piercings.

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What Guys Said 4

  • Loyality, faithfulness, honesty, non-flirty nature.

  • aaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • The globally perfect woman would have:

    Fair skin
    light hair and eyes
    cute face
    obedience to husband/boyfriend

  • Combination


What Girls Said 1

  • Loyalty , because without that quality... all of her other personal qualities and traits are worthless to me

    • I was wondering what initially draws you to a woman. You can't really tell if she will be loyal when you first meet her. Or did you mean, like, not flirty?

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