Okay so I've got a really perfect guy that I've been seeing for a little under 2 weeks. (I know that's a short period of time to be asking for advice)
so here's the problem
I'm going off to college in a week
he will be a senior this year (in high school) but he graduates early in December. He is supposed to leave for the navy around January, but he also has the option to leave in late June.
he has to decide when he leaves very soon & he wants me to help him decide.
I don't want to tell him to stay until June because what if we don't work out?
But also if we do... I really want him to stay.
I've never believed in bad timing for a relationship... but I just feel like this will be a difficult thing for a new relationship.

Okay that's what I need advice on, but if you want more info on the guy...
I've known him for about 3 years now
been close friends with him for a year
I had a couple classes with him in high school
he was on and off with a girl for 6ish months this year
we went on a lunch date after an exam about a month ago
we went lake swimming one night about 2 weeks ago and have been steamy ever since
we have had sex (awesome sex if you were wondering lol.)
he is super smart
and handsome and tall
and sweet
and... yeah :)


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    • Hahaha was hoping someone would find the humor in my title :)

    • LOL I immediately thought of that song when I read it

  • What does he want to do?

    • He tells me that he wants to be with me for as long as he can.
      I just don't want to hold him back if he honestly wants to go.