Guys, I know he loves me so much and spends all of his time with me but he keeps staring at women and just recently found out he has tinder. Confused?

He is absolutely caring with me. We spend all of our time together (we even work together) and have a very healthy relationship where I have felt very secure. We have been dating for two years and he has told me that he wants us to move in together on January and then get married about a year after. He is very committed and spends a lot of time with my family and gets out of his way so I can be with his family too. He is my best friend but I see that he likes to look at other women... I asked him to stop that and I see the he has put effort but just a week ago I noticed that he had Tinder on his phone... And he confessed that he had opened it just for fun and to see who would "like" him and that he didn't and was not even planning to meet with anyone and that he always wants to spend time with me. He said he admitted it was wrong and that never ever he would do something like that. I love him very much but I'm confused... Why would he want to look at other women if he has all these ideas of us building a future together? Why would he be so caring with me in many ways? He told me that he does not want to lose me and that he opened the app just for fun and I told him that that damaged my trust on him and he said he would do anythinh to build it again. I am just scared that he is not satisfied with the relationship...

He deleted the app and we had a serious conversation. He said we would never ever do anything like that again because he doesn't want to lose me. This is the first time it happens and I ve known him for 4 years as friends and he was is not the cheater flirty kind of guy. What do you think about giving him a second chance?


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  • First I highly recommend you two get Married before moving into together. It won't be the same when you live together then get married.
    Secondly address him stating that he needs to delete the app, he doesn't look at it as a big deal but you do. With the question of him looking at other women when claiming to build a future together I am not sure, but you two need to have a serious conversation about that and get onto the same page.

    • He deleted it and said that he will not do anything like that again bc he doesn't want to lose me. Is it ok to give him a second chance?

    • He deleted it and yes he thought it wasn't a big deal and that he would never do anything like that again because he know he will lose me. That he wasn't and will never cheat on me and wants us to get married. And yes I think I would be at least engaged before I move in with anybody. Do you think a second chance is ok? I just want to be sure of a decision since I work with him... Would have to see him and work with him every single day...

    • Yea give him a second chance. I still think you two should get married before living together. It's called being committed to one another.

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  • he downloaded the Tinder app just for fun? then why hadn't he deleted it? why does he need to see who's in the area? why does he need to see (if we are to believe it) who finds him attractive?

    even if he's being honest it speaks to a level of insecurity i'd be very worried about, but frankly this has red flag all over it. spending all his time with you, being caring, etc doesn't mean he isn't doing something he shouldn't

    i'm not saying his is doing something he shouldn't (although tinder is something he shouldn't be doing)

  • If he stares at other women when you're out... AND HAS A DATING APP, he's not interested in staying with you. He's always on the search for something/someone else.

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