Is it possible for a guy to be cursed?

I'm asking this question in all seriousness because I sit here at 24 years old still single can a guy be cursed if he's not able to get a girlfriend

Thanks for opinions


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  • There is no such thing as being cursed. Your time will come. Just be yourself and you'll meet someone who will appreciate you. Trust me, I have been there :)

    • Yeah so many people tell me this year after year but nothing ever changes

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    • I don't know it's starting to make me a really bitter person

    • Like I wake up angry everyday now

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  • No, you're not cursed. You just need to take a good look at yourself and figure out why the fish aren't biting. Are you shy? Awkward? Unemployed? Is there anything about your appearance that can be improved (getting fit, for example)?

    Don't say it isn't fair. Don't blame girls for not giving you a "chance." You don't want a pity date; you want someone who dates you because they WANT to. Girls aren't going to go out with you or sleep with you out of the goodness in their hearts. That isn't how it works. They date guys who they like and are attracted to. You wouldn't date someone you found unattractive, right?

    It's hard, I know. Self improvement is hard. But you can do it. I did. I looked like a little kid for years, and then I got a new hairstyle and it improved my look dramatically. I'm a total introvert, but I learned how to be outgoing (the two aren't mutually exclusive). I learned my body shape and how I could dress to best flatter myself.

    So be yourself, but be the BEST version of yourself you can be. It'll not only make you more attractive, but it'll make you a better, more rounded person too.

    • I'm really shy

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    • That's the thing I can easily talk to attractive girls at work but when I'm outside of work that confidence goes away

    • I honestly have hit a point where I wanna give up on dating, I never had a girlfriend and don't really know what it's like to be loved, only pain and rejection after rejection

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  • Lol im right there with you 😂

    • It's sad dude I just want s chance like everyone else

    • I have decided though I'm giving up on dating at 25

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