Why is she not texting me back?

I've been seeing this girl and we went out one night to see a movie with my friends. she came and we had a good time. we talked a week back and forth and then she suddenly lost interest. another 3 months later she texts me and says she misses me. I go out with her the other night for the first time in a while and we saw a movie. I bought the tickets and popcorn and paid for everything even though she offered. I can read body language and it seemed she was very interested while we were watching the movie. after the movie I drive her home and drop her off at the front door. she goes inside and I walk to my car but then turn around and go back to the front door. I call her and tell her that I forgot something. as soon as the call ended she opened the door and asked what did I forget. I stared into her eyes for a couple seconds and then we kissed. afterward she says to call her when I get home. I get home and check Facebook and she posts "ahhh I love nights like these..." I call her and we talk for 3 hours until we both fall asleep. I took her out on Thursday evening and this weekend was good friday and Easter Sunday. friday we text back and forth briefly during the day. Saturday we texted at the same time and didn't really talk much during the day. Sunday , present time, we texted a total of 5 times. why is she not texting me as much? is it cause of Easter weekend and she is busy with friends and family? or did she lose interest?


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  • i don't think she lost interest... I don't think its anything to worry about its been a day.. sounds like she likes you..she prob just got caught up in stuff.. just try texting her 2morrow morning saying goodmorning and see if she answers..then if you don't hear from her that day or the next then worry okay...good luck :)

    • Yeah I'm thinking she was busy, she works at a salon and she has family here. plus it's easter weekend and I think she is busy with that too. when I text her good morning she texts back and that's when we start talking via text. whenever she's free I take her out.

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    • Ok cool thanks so much!

    • Yepp...ur welcome and e time :)

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  • Yeah Easter Sunday is a time to spend time with family not text people. It was prob just because she was with family. As for losing interest she probably hasn't, but texting her everyday is not the best idea because you can run out of things to talk about especially in text. Save some of it for the next date and you will see you will talk a lot then

    • Yeah thought the same thing about easter weekend. thanks man, I'm jus sweatin it too hard. she's interested and I take her out whenever she has time.

    • Thats good just remember that girls like space every now and then so as tempting as it sounds to text her everyday, try to limit it to every other day or somthing like that. Good luck with her man.

    • Thanks bro.