Dating someone super good looking/ beautiful... would you?

Seems like a stupid question i know but think about it for a moment, if you had the opportunity to date a 9/10 not just on the scale but in rl as well, personality wise that person is good nothing special but looks wise he/she is simply breathtaking and easily stands out its like only one out thousands can be this attractive and beautiful ( not body but face, lets say the the body is good or simply average not fat or anything just a good body) .

I attract quite attractive girls often like really really beautiful the kind that everyone wants easily 8.5+/10 and i can't complain even though they sometimes end up having a boyfriend but they also find me quite attractive so thats good... however what comes with such a person is sometimes a bit too much...

iam a guy so iam gonna talk about girls, a truly breathtaking girl (yes i've met a few) is going to be lots of guys dreams, which means you wil have lots of competition not to mention that some guys dont take no for an answer and they can be quite dangerous , so physical strength is needed, and of course such beauty means she also takes care of herself quite a lot (in addition to good genes) so money is going to be a factor, such girls are high maintanance cause she knows she can get any guy, and you always have to be in shape and look and dress well to always be on her level (of attractiveness), so basically its a lot of headache to keep such a girl (the ability to protect her, afford her, keep her interested and stay attractive ) and iam not sure if i have what it takes...

what about you?

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  • Of course.

    • keep in mind for you as a girl the experience is different no need to have money to afford his life style or protect him however you will have to always stay in shape and look good.

    • Beauty is subjective, and being attractive doesn't mean you're high maintenence or rich. I wouldn't date a guy who I didn't find attractive.

    • it is subjective but iam talking about someone who is very good looking to everyone, such people do exist even if in low numbers, and yeah of course it makes sense to want someone you're attracted to.

      as for money, being hot doesn't mean you're high maintanance but from experience the majority of hot girls come from relatively rich families and they can afford to go on vacations 5-1- times a year to places like germany, france, italy, sweden... etc iam talking about lots of girl i know like dozens , and most of them are not willing to give up that life style, and of course looking always good with silky smooth skin and a good body means you gotta invest in lots of products and a gym maybe and that is not cheap, iam just telling you from my own experience i haven't met attractive girl who have low standards yet...

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  • @keep in mind for you as a girl the experience is different no need to have money..

    i dont want a guy paying for me, i want him staying in shape. If im staying in shape and he thinks he can just just let himself go. uh uh. anyhow staying in shape is cheap you eat little and ease a lot. you dont need a gym for that.

    and yeah id date a beautiful guy. but not if his personality was 'meh'

  • Sure, I'm already in a relationship with a guy I'm very attracted to. His good looks are just one piece of the many other good qualities I love about him, though.

    • thats great, but looks wise is he super good looking? like every girl in a 100 miles range wants him or just good looking for you? keep in mind the person iam talking about her is not common so not every guy is this good looking.

    • I'd say he's up there. He gets plenty of attention from other girls, much to my amusement.

  • afford her? that's stupid. I'm pretty high maintanance myself but I wouldn't take money from my partner for anything. Anyway I wouldn't date a gorgeous person if they're nothing special as in personality, because I wouldn't date them for other people to be jealous, I'd date them to have a great time with them

    • most people are nothing special if you're waiting for someone with kickass personality it may never happen and looks are part of the personality as well.

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    • lol yea i get that i just meant to say that i am aware of them being nice or not

    • that's great, it's just not a general thing

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