What should I do from now on?

Hi to all. This is my first post here, so hope I will get some help. Also English is not my native language, so excuse me if there are any mistakes in my post. So long story short. I've been dating a girl from about 4 months. We've been going out many times, and she even came to my house (2-3 times) for sleepover. The bad thing is that she is in a relationship with another guy for around year and a half, but from what she has told me, he does not give much attention to her, and they don't go out much. Also she told me that he's been trying to date another girls a couple of times, but despite that fact she wouldn't leave him. A few days ago I told her all about my feeling for her, but as expected she told me that she can't answer with the same feeling. Basically now I'm stuck somewhere in the friendzone. Like we are more than just "friends", but still less than in relationship. Now I'm going on a trip and we're not going to see each other till September. Now I'm wondering how to act, what to do and thing like that. If anyone has any suggestions about my situation I'll be waiting to hear them

Thanks in advance !

Just to mark: I'm 17yo and not 27


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  • She is clearly using you for attention. Sorry, mate.


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  • You're just a fuck to her, she has ferlings for the other guy

    You're not even her friend