Do you think he is really okay with this?

So I am dating this guy, we have been spending time one night a week for the last month with some of those being sleepovers. We are sexually intimate and we talk and cuddle and enjoy all aspects of our time together. However I would like to see the time spent together increase say by the end of the 2ND month mark, we are both looking for a relationship so I know he isn't just after sex. Here is a text conversation we recently had:

(Him) "I don't mind if you date other guys however if you start kissing them or more please just let me go"

(Me) "That's completely understandable and I will always be honest with you about my intentions. I would not hurt you and as far as I'm concerned you have come into my life before any others and I'm keen to see where things go with you. I'm by no means a multiple dater and normally I only date one guy at a time. I pretty much know by the 5th date if I should continue with someone or move on so chances are that while I'm spending time with you that I probably won't be with other guys and plus I'm pretty busy to and haven't the time to be multiple dating. How does that sound?

He responded with "Thanks, that's appreciated"

Do you think he is OK with me possibly dating someone else. I mean I would rather spend more time with him but he doesn't seem to be moving things forward to include any extra time together so I'm choosing not to put all my eggs into one basket so that I don't get my hopes up too high. He has said he is busy but I think he could make a little more effort. Opinions please?

Thank-you for your input but I cut him loose this morning, I think it's for the best.


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  • i guess he was half expecting you to date other guys while only really losely dating him. He could put more effort in but yet seems reluctant, which is strange cos if he really liked you he would put more effort into making time to be with you

    • Well he says he is busy, he works Mon to Fri all day and then 2 nights a week he has uni lectures after work and he does live 40 mins away so all those things make it challenging. Do you think I should just ask him if he would like to spend more time with me or leave it for the moment?

    • i mean if it was me, i would ask if there free to meet up more as you would like to spend more time with him, but with all you have said it might not be that easy. but it is worth a try

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  • He's fine with it, as long as you inform him about it before you decide to get serious with someone else. Anyway, he doesn't sound too eager to be moving things forward with you.

    • Yeah I kinda get the same feeling. On Friday night I sent him a text asking him to go out somewhere with me in a couple of weekends time, he didn't reply until Sat late morning, he said "sounds like a good idea" so I replied back with a particular date for our outing and asked if it suited and no reply. It's now Sunday morning. I feel like when he isn't with me I'm just out of his mind completely. I felt like this the other week as well and deliberately didn't text him for 2 days to see if he noticed. He actually did notice and texted me "wow, haven't heard from you in a while, have you got a new man?". Maybe I need to let him go I think, I can't deal with this behaviour anymore!