Do men and women know how to choose a partner for a relationship?

Do you think falling in love needs some requirements and that those requirements exist today?

Men. Half of them see a pretty face and a hot body and they lie about everything just to get their hands on you. They make their personality fake at times and don't show who they really are.

Women. Half of them lure men with their fake beauty like implants, makeup or just plain sexual attraction to get them, like their personalities aren't good enough.

Now this goes for the majority here but there are so many things that people ignore from their partner to be with them even though it's a severe problem like cheating, gold digging, having a partner because she/he is good looking, not talking to me but since I get sex I'm ok and etc. etc. etc.

People today have stupid standards. Women have no clue of what is beauty and most of them lack good conversations vs men these days. Men promote the fake beauty and think too much about how good she looks.

I don't believe a girl can accept me, accept herself, care for me, make effort for me. I just don't anymore.

And guys do it because they want to show off and make effort because they just want something. ONE THING!

People get together for the wrong reasons these days. It pisses me off.


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  • Who hurt you like that tho?

    • the thing is. Is what I see these days. I never been into a relationship and I'm glad I haven't yet.
      I never seem to meet the requirements even though I give 200% more than the other guy.
      It's just that if you don't have the right 200% then the guy with the right 40% will always win and most of the time that 40% it's bullshit.

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    • Okay B thank you

    • he's right.

      Girls are the zebras and men as lions try to lie to get a good hunt but meh.

      If I had to lie to get a girl, she isn't worth it.

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  • Instant gratification and hedonistic lifestyle. In old times people had to work to get something now thanks to modern convenience you can get a lot of things at a click of a button. Want to fuck a girl, go on tinder and get her to your place. Want Pizza, call and it's delivered.

    People translate that behavior into dating. They care about 3 things

    1. Are they attractive that i want to sleep with them instantly.(pre-requisite )
    2. Are they fun
    3. Is the sex good

    Well let's get into relationship and that's it. No one looks for the red flag because they're too busy looking at the shiny outer exterior and fun.

    The person could be a liar, cheater, have loose morals, doing shady shit on side, crazy, emotional and mental abuser but just hiding it but everyone don't give a fuck. The first sign of trouble they'll just drop them and find someone else like they do their phone.


    Good luck millennial in future. Vast majority of you will be bitter with no happiness.

    • Nah man. I have hope. If I can be this caring, someone out there can be too. I've seen some girls be nice but I'm either not interested or they don't like me.

      I care about number 1 and 2. The 3 gets better I suppose so it isn't a deal breaker.
      There are people who reject other for the reasons you mentioned. Just that it ain't the majority.

    • Yeah it is the majority. Wake up. We aren't in Disney land anymore and what you see in movies is false.

    • well. The sad thing is that I still need to try to find out. Wasting time on a wasteful girl.

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  • Honestly it wasn't always like that,. and your very right! But ill say this, this generation that we live in is very fast FAST no one thinks about anything they only go off what they see, if other people are doing a certain thing then they want to do the same...

    • I don't know if the past gen was any better.

    • It probably wasn't but im sure the 50s had to be different i could be wrong

  • I know how to choose my partner yeah and why I choose, which is for the right reasons.

  • I dont think most people dont know how to choose