How can I get a girlfriend without my parents knowing?

I'm pretty confident I can get a girlfriend, but I can't let my parents or my brother (same grade as me) find out. Is this possible?


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  • First of all, don't do that. Because your parents will find out, and they will blame the girl for leading you on, god forbid cuss her out and so forth, destroy your bond as a family, and they will eventually make your life far more strict if it isn't now, until your out their house. Respect and honor your parents desires. I believe besides you ending up having premarital sex or getting the girl pregnant, there are reasons as to why they wouldn't want you to date now. And if you have to ask this question about getting a secret girlfriend. Yeah, I can see why they say no. You want to earn their trust, don't sneak around. Prove to them that your an honorable young man that can be responsible and be ready for serious relationship that could one day lead to marriage. Because relationships are no a joke or a game. You do not want to get into something that you may not be ready for. Don't do because you want to and be rebellious, you'll regret it later on in life if your not careful. Everybody at some point at your age thinks they can handle relationships. And when it fails and never leads to marriage it proves otherwise.

  • Wait until you're older, why don't they want you to have a gf?

    • I don't know... they don't want me to grow up

    • Sorry @ArabianPwincess197 for cutting in, @Asker your parents wants you to grow up. But they want you to grow up right with less problems and stress. You have no idea how stressful relationships really can be. The drama that could possibly come with it. And the life changing decisions that can determine the rest of your future, wither you make it or break it. People seriously get hurt, others are not afraid to use you to get what they want, and that includes your loyalty. You have so many heartless girls/young women out here that wouldn't mind using somebody so naive. Yes, you will eventually have to make critical decisions in your life. But its best you sit out of this one and observe how people function in relationships and build yourself up as a person before you step in it. Or you may one day regret it all for a chance to start over. Remember there is no reset button.

    • @btbc92 no problem, and I agree with you at this moment in his life @asker needs to focus on his studies :)

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