Guys, If you get speechless while talking to a girl, what does it mean?


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  • Never happened to me. I think it happens when he's really nervous.
    Or people may do it on purpose to give hint about their crush


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  • Usually it means she doesn't respond, and share enough, and I get a little bored, and after a few minutes of trying to get to connect, on SOMETHING, I give up, and walk away!!
    If I like a woman, and she likes me, I EXPECT that we just don't have enough time to talk about all the things that we like, in common, and what me like about each other!!
    If it is hard to find something to talk about, with a woman, I don't care how 'Hot' she is, she is a DUD to me!! I want the "Nerdy Girl with Glasses' that I can talk for hours and hours with!!

  • So many things: if she said something that makes us angry, and we are speechless, we are actually doing two things: screaming in our minds about how much of a bitch she is, and also reminding ourselves that choking a bitch only works out in Grand Theft Auto or Assassin's Creed.
    If she said something we weren't expecting, and we were speechless, it's probably run of the mill shock, and we are just processing that shit.
    If she said something that makes us happy, and we were speechless, it's us trying to wade through the pools of serotonin addling our brains to the part where we put sentences together.

  • It means i like you a lot and you make me a little nervous which isn't your fault its just im hoping im doing everything right lol

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