I need boys to explain my good guy friend! How does he feel about me?

I am confused about how my crush feels about me. He is a libra, and he is nineteen. We have been friends for almost two years now. He has stated very obviously that he wants to have sex with me but only when I am the age of consent (In a few months). He has told me that he thinks I am adorable, and that he didn't know what it is about me that makes him feel that way. He always flirts with me, and he talks to his friends about me often. He said that I brought out his paternal instinct, like he wanted to protect me from other guys and from any harm. He has told all of his friends that I am off limits and that as soon as I turn the age of consent, I am "his". He says flirty things to laugh at my reaction and always calls me "innocent" because I don't understand a lot of things unless he explains them, and he laughs that I only recently had my first kiss. He says he doesn't know how he feels about me. I know a lot of you will just tell me that he is just an older guy manipulating me or whatever because I am younger, but he is always 100% honest about whatever I ask him, and he is a really close friend of mine. We can talk for hours and hours non stop. He has also confessed shame because when I was fourteen and he was eighteen he was attracted to my body, but he knew that I needed to be over the age of consent, particularly because he doesn't want to face jail time. He calls me hun, sugar plumb, and honey buns, to name a few. My sister says that that means he likes my butt, and I guess she is right, because he told me that he liked it, although he didn't say anything about the nickname. If it were you, what would your feelings be? I really want to date him, but I don't want to if he doesn't have romantic feelings for me and just want sex, because that is the only thing he said for sure he wants.


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  • well him stating he wants to have sex with you when you are at age should tell you enough what his intentions are lol.
    he is horny af.
    but hey you knew him for two years. i guess thats a good reason to trust him.
    why don't you just date him but don't put out and see if he really has intentions for a relationship that isn't just about sex.
    If he really liked you, sex shouldn't be the first thing to be in his mind.

    I'm assuming you never had sexual intercourse. If you really care about who you lose your first time with I would suggest you to think really hard before you do it.

    personally if you have to ask the internet for help, do you think you should go through with it? Follow your heart not what we tell you :D


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  • Paternal instinct? Shit.
    How old is that guy?

    • He is nineteen and I am fifteen turning sixteen in a few months. He is for sure not old enough to look at me like a daughter, lol

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  • Sounds like he just wants sex... and he sounds very creepy if he keeps mentioning those things.

  • well he may wabt either or both. if you are open with each other, you should just talk to him if he wants a relationship or not.

  • It's worth a try.

    • In your personal opinion, do you think he just wants sex?

    • It is hard to tell since you list mostly nice things from him.
      + I am not a girl and I never had a girlfriend too. So I don't know what kind of guys you have over there.
      Every guy is different. It is a gamble you have right now. He is *POSSIBLY* a jerk, a good guy, a neutral one or someone, who is still trying to find himself. You never know until you've been there.

      But one thing is for sure: We men WANT sex, we LOVE sex, regardless. He obviously is not asexual.

      Look at his behaviors and notice if he acts - in your opinion - at times immature, that could indicate a red-flag (like random freak-outs out of nowhere - huge red flag in my opinion).

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