How can I move on from this?

I am 24 and at lost. I definitly never had normal adolescent years. I was diagnosed with scoliosis at an early age and at the age of 11 it got worse and at that time they give me a back brace and i wore it for 5 years... my mom wasn't the nicest and i lived with a very mean sister. I never talk about it to anyone hich was a huge mistake cause it led to depression and avoided anyone at high school, made some friends but i got depressed, which didn't help. When i was 17 i got lost, i dropped out of school and at 18 till 20 i locked myself up at home and i didn't know what to do or how to live life. I am now 24 and ready to just let it all go... i haven't talked or had friends in years, i ve pushed people away, i still live at home, i am depressed and they put me on meds and i just dont know how to open up. I got so depressed i am really seeing no point in life anymore... i am 24 never had a boyfriend, i dont have fun memories, i never had sex i never dated i never lived, i failed at life and i hate myself. What should i do?


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  • Do you have a job? I can't help with the clinical depression, I have no idea how to deal with that.

    But it seems to me like you might be institutionalized a bit by your home and family. It might help to venture out on your own, move out, get your own apartment (could be very cheap and not so far from your home), job if you don't have one already, and try to develop a more independent lifestyle away from your family. You can always keep in close contact with them and not be so far away from them if you need help.

    I think that will help you break out of your shell. Then I think you need to try to actively make friends again, don't turn down invitations to birthday parties, weddings, other events. Try to force yourself to be around people besides family and really enjoy the time. So much of your unhappiness seems to center around being excluded from regular social activities, and to be able to participate there requires getting comfortable outside of people in your closest support group (typically family).

    It will be easy to do all this on your own, independently, as scary as it might sound. Perhaps you'll need some therapy, but I think it would help to make it so your goal is to live on your own and have a greater level of independence from your immediate family.

    • yea i kinda have ajob but i will be a bit broke

    • Do you relate well to your co-workers? How about family gatherings, parties, things like that? Are you always the one sitting in the corner?

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  • Change your life.


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  • Look I was in the same position and saw NO WAY out... Completely hopeless bad friends and couldn't think for myself. I thought about ending it but never took the steps you wanna know why? Its because even though I thought I was worthless I knew that EVERYTHING in life happens for a reason. Instead of feeling bad for myself I slowly but steadily worked on myself and now today I'm a lot happier than when I was when I graduated HS. 5 YEARS!!! I'm still learning to love myself but now that I've built a STRONG foundation, and i understand that anything in life worth having is HARD. ESPECIALLY relationships trust me its SSSSOSSOOOSOOSOSO worth it when you finally stop giving a fuck... I dance in my car while strangers watch, not as crazily as I'd sometimes like to but I'm getting there dammit... lol.

    • Read self help books. Those helped me a lot...
      How to win friends and influence people
      No more mr nice guy (can be applied to women too)

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  • You're still 24. You can turn your life around. Stop complaining about it and make some changes.