Girls, Am I dateable?

For a while now i have had this insecurity about me that i'm 'not dateable' as i'm nothing special. I'm not goning to post a picture on here but will send people a picture if they PM me and ask for it - my profile pic should give you a rough idea of my figure / phyisque etc.

But in terms of personality / hobbies etc. here is 'me' (goign to try and keep it brief)

- Classic Geek
- Caring
- Genuine
- Gentleman
- Old Fashioned / Tradionital when it comes to most things
- A bit of an introvert
- I take dance lessons
- I take guitar lessons
- Will talk to almost anybody
- Naturally flirty
- Open minded in bed
- Very mature for my age cos of various personal problems that have happened to me
- Don't do clubbing AT ALL

Without going into a wall of text that kind of sums me up, anything more then please let me know, i jsut can't seem to find a girl i gel with

I'm 23 by the way


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  • I think you worry too much. No one is special, but unique at same, don't put yourself down. You are what you are as long as you aren't bad person. I don't think you would have a huge problems finding someone who would like you with personality traits you've listed above.

    • Well i don't seem to have much luck currently, i do get girls attention but they are all in different countries which would make a relationship very tricky...

  • Yes you are! :)

  • Yes i think so..

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