How can I keep from thinking too much of myself and how do I deal with this situation?

Actually this is 2 related questions, sorry for that :p

Since a few months, I've been getting way more attention from guys. Most don't know each other so it's not just one group of people.
2 are a poly couple, a girl and a boy. I started dating the guy (open relationship) but am not so sure this arrangement suits me. Around the same time, another guy from my dungeons & dragons group got interested in me. A week or 2 later, a guy from a club Im a member of who has a bad reputation as a player started flirting with me. We kissed, ended up at his place and kissed some more, but he was a perfect gentleman and kept flirting and taking with me after.
Another guy, a doctor, said I was the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen but respected the fact that Im taken for now, giving me relationship advice. And now a random guy in the train started talking to me, asking me if I had a relationship (yes) and a lot more questions, theb saying he wanted to ask something else but didn't dare to.

So, how do I let people in general down easily? Im bad at that shit. And should I stay in the poly relationship?

More importantly, how do I keep from getting arrogant? Since I fear that will happen this way. All these people showed interest whitin about 5 weeks.


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  • Meh wait a few years. Your looks will fade. Happens fast with women.


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  • Just tell them that you want to be alone for some time.
    As for the poly relationship, no. I don't think it makes you happy.