Not sure if she likes me or not! How exactly will I know with this current situation?

Lads, so i am currently working with this girl and i won't deny it that i actually do like her. Every time we work we would trade insults and i think that we both seem to enjoy it. I hvnt asked her for her phone number or anything and that is because i am not sure about her age. She is definitely older than me but she would not tell me her age no. She then told me that a girl does not like to be asked about the age. When she is on a break we would trade looks as we work in a cafe and she would sit at one of the tables while i work near the coffee machine. Although we trade looks and tease, which was one of the signs of interest according to several sites, it seems like that she never seem to give me a smile when i start my shift. She would only smile when we are trading insults or tell a story. Instead of a smile, she would give me a smirk.

Last week, when i was working, i was a bit down because my puppy died. Although my puppy died 2 weeks ago i was still sad about it. Nevertheless, she knew something was up and i told her about my puppy. I also told her that my puppy passed 2 weeks ago and she's like "and you're still sad about it?". After this conversation it does not seem she was satisfied with the answer i gave her about my puppy and she seemed to have a sudden change of attitude. From Warm to cold. I tried to make her happy during this time and it seemed to work afterwards and she's all smiles again. I asked her why she was sad before and she said its because you have "this" attitude before.

After work yesterday, i asked if she wanted to grab some pizza? She sort of mumbled in a way so i felt like she did not want to go for a bite. She told me that she has to eat healthy this week and she told me that she has ulcers. I thought she did like me but it turns out she does not want to hang out. Throughout the talk i feel she is worried about my and her age. She subconsciously mention that im too young when i told her my age.

Thoughts are much appreciated.


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  • There's probably some interest there, just not enough to pursue things properly. If a girl verbally says you're too young, that's a great sign. If she subconsciously implies it, not so much. There's probably a chance you could get with her if you keep at it, however I wouldn't really try.. Don't chase after her, let her come to you... You be the prize, not the hunter.. It will make you seem more valuable and she'll likely forget about any reservations she had. Never chase after someone if they're not 100% into you in the first place. If she doesn't go after you, then accept she's not really into it and move on.

    • She actually verbally mentioned it. Im not good at decoding women. Why is this a good sign?

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    • Not necessarily, a girl who used to like me would call me 'dude'. I'd just call her 'man' as well... see what she does, try and turn it into a flirty joke between you.

    • hey i can finally send a private message. So can we talk it through private message?

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  • She would hint that she likes you too