Is he asking me to hang out with him ...or go out with him?

I am so friggin' confused! In the beginning of the school year my friends and I befriended our next door neighbor. In the beginning we were not really that close. We hung out with he and his roommate every now and then, and when we did it was always chilled-out fun, and in no way felt romantic. But for the past week it's like all I need to do is mention a good band, and he'll suggest that we go to their concert sometime. If we walk by a busy restaurant he'll suggest that we go eat there sometime. If I like a certain beer, he's got a hook-up at the brewery and thinks we should go on a tour sometime.

The issue is that I would LOVE to do all these things with him, and I always say yes, but he never sets a date to go! I would make the first move, but I'm afraid that the fact he hasn't set one himself means that we're still only friends and I'm misinterpreting things. Is he only being friendly, or does he want to go out with me? If he is interested, then what can I do to turn his;

"We should go to that cafe sometime" into "Wanna go for coffee tomorrow"?

Please help! It is much appreciated.


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  • You could just make it easy and when he suggests you go somewhere, you mention a time. Like coffee... Him: "We should get coffee something sometime." You: "Thats sounds great. How about tomorrow?" If he is into you (which it is very clear that he is) then he'll say yes and that will get the ball rolling.


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