Girls, Old Nudes? Ex is Sharing?

So I have been dating a girl on the DL for a little while. We are on the DL because some people will probably get mad when the find out.

so the girl I am dating is acquaintances with an ex of mine. So the other night my girlfriend was at a girl's night at her friends house. My ex was there too. While they were there my ex showed all the girls old naked pics of me. Thankfully my hair was a bit shorter then (on my head, ha) so she knew it wasn't anything new.

She seems a bit bothered my ex still has nudes of me. Would it make you mad if an ex still had nudes of your boyfriend?

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Hey y'all!!!


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  • No but it would bother me because clearly your ex is still not over it. Or is holding a grudge against you

    • She said it bothered her that all her friends were looking at naked pics of me.

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    • Anytime. She's still pretty mad about the other night

    • Yes, well just give it time. It will be old news soon enough

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