Caught feelings for a guy who's going away?

So... I started talking to this guy i went to high school with. I didn't think we would be able to hang out this summer because he had an injury. He ended up coming to a party i had and then a few days later we went on our first date. I instantly felt connected to him and liked him a lot and the date went really well! We went on another date and we got kind of psychical, by the 3rd date we had sex... Not sure if that was too soon or not and maybe contributed to how I'm feeling now
Long story short.. I really really like him, but he is going out of state to go back to school in a week and I'm moving back to boston this weekend. I told him I want to get to know him more and he said he agrees and he wants to come visit me and i am always welcome to visit him.
He's in a FRAT so i feel like being there he will have a lot of girls around that may catch his interest - we aren't in a relationship so there would be no stopping him.
I haven't asked him what he wants from this I'm afraid it will make him run off, but i did tell him i want to see him again and he agrees and said he will miss me.
Should I try and see what happens? Ask him what he wants? Or just not bother


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  • So throw the feelings back and stop feeling the feelings.


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  • I do not think you should bother with it. You will end up being hurt.