Is that all he was after?

OK, so I have been dating this guy for just over 2 months, we have been out quite a few times and we text at least once a day, (there has been 2 occasions where I haven't heard from him for 2 or 3 days) I always try and wait for him to text me so he can't play the 'your clingy' card.

'he says he really likes me and is always the first to say ' so when can I see you next?' at the end of a date. we went out last Wednesday and ended up back at his, we ended up sleeping together and that evening we arranged to meet up today. he text me that night asking if I got home safe and that he really enjoyed our evening, and that he wished I was still with him. Thursday he did text me first, asking me how I was etc.. I but I didn't hear from him all weekend, I can't help but feel that his style of text has changed, there's no hun, or babe or anything.

I decided to text him last night and he replied this morning (I did text him quite late though), after replying to that text he didn't reply, this afternoon I text asking if we were still meeting up, he replied straight away saying he had forgot and that he couldn't and was sorry. I just can't read him at all, I really like this guy and I don't wanna ruin anything by becoming too clingy, but does it seem like he got what he was after so is now backing off? or could he be genuine? I can't help reading into these things because iv been done over so many times, his texts were sexual at times but I made it clear that I wasn't an easy lay from the start. id really appreciate any of your views on this, thanks in advance.


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  • I know it's hard to determine what's going on in someone's mind, but I think you should give this situation a little more time before you determine it was a mistake.

    He didn't seem to veer to far from his normal communication with you - and reading a lack of endearments can be over analyzing the situation. Which is normal when you've experienced jerky behavior before.

    Be patient and think positive. I say after about a week of short or no communication, you can start worrying. Or get p*ssed. Whichever you are more comfortable with.

    ( I would get p*ssed)

    Good luck and breathe deep.

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