Do You Have An Easier Time Meeting The Opposite Sex Online Or In Person?

This is poll of online dating vs regular dating?

Ladies and gentlemen... we know that trying to meet members of the opposite sex can be a daunting task, especially if you are a shy person and are not used to approaching people. Online dating has really helped men, because they don't have to worry about being outright rejected by women, something they will face if they are in a public place and approach a random woman.

Anyway... have you had more success meeting a member of the opposite sex via online dating? Or have you had more success meeting a member of the opposite sex in person/public places?

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It's funny - women seem to have it easier in person and men online.


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  • In person

  • Online almost always

    • Even at your current age? Since you are older than 45... you had the luxury of not having such advanced technology or the internet for a period of time... so you were forced to go out and meet women that way in the past.

      So... do you still think you still have had better success meeting women online vs in person?

    • Yeah since it was always years inbetween meeting them in person from either by accident or through someone before that and then in 1997 I met my then wife through a chat room on the Internet but now I'm back to meeting online again since it's still to hard out there to meet in person for that

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